Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Denials

Social Security and Disability Insurance Benefits

New Hampshire and Massachusetts social Security Attorney Darlene Daniele and Her Compassionate and Knowledgeable Staff Gets You the Benefits you Deserve.

The Social Security Administration offers financial benefits to individuals who have become disabled. Qualifying for it depends on a number of factors: the age at which one became disabled, the length of prior career, current work status, severity of disability, and work capability.  New Hampshire and Massachusetts Social Security Attorney Darlene Daniele understands that dealing with Social Security can be difficult, frustrating, confusing and intimidating.  The application process is complicated and lengthy (sometimes taking up to 3 to 5 months) and making even a small mistake on your application can result in a denied claim.  Attorney Daniele is experienced in dealing with the Social Security claims process and can help you avoid costly errors and get the disability benefits to which you are entitled.


Short-term disability benefits are benefits that an employee seeks when his or her income is temporarily interrupted by an accident or sickness. Long term disability benefits are the benefits an individual seeks because of an inability to work due to chronic illness, injury or disability. These claims are often denied at the first due to either the insurance companies' unwillingness to pay, even to people who have paid their insurance premiums dutifully for years.  Hiring a skilled Disability Insurance Lawyer is crucial in the pursuit of the benefits you deserve. New Hampshire and Massachusetts Social Security and Disability Attorney Darlene Daniele will work tirelessly to fight the companies that refuse to give you the compensation you deserve. With her help, justice will be served.


If you have already made a Social Security claim and have been denied, New Hampshire and Massachusetts Social Security Lawyer Darlene Daniele and her knowledgeable and compassionate staff can help you take the steps to appeal the decision.  The possible stages of the appeals process are as follows:  in Massachusetts, there is a two stage appeals process: if denied initially, you must first undertake a reconsideration process and then, if denied, request a hearing; in New Hampshire, if denied, one is permitted to proceed immediately with a request for hearing. Having a skilled Social Security Attorney to assist you through the appeals process can greatly increase your chances of getting your claim approved. Social Security Lawyer Darlene Daniele can guide you through the process and make it manageable.  While we have every hope that we will win your case in the earliest stage possible, we are prepared for the appeals process. Attorney Daniele takes you through each step to ensure a rock solid case. Some of the process includes:


  • Gathering evidence as to your medical treatment and determining whether further steps should be taken to prove your desire for wellness
  • Determining medical evidence and testimony to prove disability
  • Preparing you and the necessary documentation should a hearing become necessary


We at Salem Legal Services, LLC, are committed to getting you the benefits you deserve. Social Security and Disability Attorney Darlene Daniele works compassionately with you through every step of the process, demystifying what can be a confusing and time consuming experience and making your life easier. Contact us at (603)509-9428 today to start the process so that you can live a better life.

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