Non-Traditional Dissolution of Marriage | Partnership

Non-Traditional Dissolution of Marriage / Partnership

Massachusetts and New Hampshire Family Law Attorney Darlene Daniele and Her Knowledgeable Staff Compassionately Assists Non-Traditional Families with Divorce and Partnership Dissolution.

Ending a marriage or a long-term partnership is difficult even in the best of circumstances. When a married couple decides to end their union, there are a host of concerns that arise out of the split. These same issues come up for non-traditional couples if they decide to separate and divorce.  Just like more traditional husband and wife couples, same-sex or unmarried partners share the concerns of child custody, division of property, and parental rights.  No matter the gender or sexual orientation of the couple, Family Law Attorney Darlene Daniele and her knowledgeable and compassionate staff bring the same compassionate approach to ensuring that her clients receive the care they need to get the results they want.

Since 2004, Massachusetts has recognized the right for same sex couples to marry.  In New Hampshire, that right was recognized in 2010. We at Salem Legal Services gladly welcome clients from non-traditional lifestyles that have chosen to enter into, begin and raise a family, adopt children and/or enter into a surrogacy contract, and end, a non-traditional marriage or partnership.  New Hampshire and Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Darlene Daniele provides divorce representation to same-sex couples and both establishes and dissolves domestic partnership agreements.  Attorney Daniele recognizes that all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, are equals when it comes to the dissolution of marriage.  Serving Rockingham and the surrounding counties, Family Law Attorney Daniele assists you with your concerns, which may include:

  • tax considerations
  • alimony/spousal support
  • property division
  • extension of health benefits
  • allocation of debt
  • parental rights, including child custody, visitation and child support

The dissolution of a partnership comes fraught with its own concerns and heartache, especially if there is a child or children in the family. Family Law Attorney Darlene Daniele of Salem Legal Services, LLC, helps make the transition easier for everyone. Attorney Daniele knows that any dissolution comes with its unique issues, and she works diligently, assisting with the protection of parental rights, child support, and the child's best interest, just as she would for any traditional relationship. She makes sure that both partners' needs are met.

We at Salem Legal Services, LLC, know that ending any relationship is painful. But we also know that working with a qualified and compassionate attorney can make the experience workable. Work with a law firm that welcomes people in all walks of life and lifestyles: contact New Hampshire and Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Darlene Daniele at her Salem, NH offices at (603) 509-9428 today.

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