Custody and Visitation

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Child Custody and Visitation

The custody trend in family courts is joint custody, where both parents equally share the custodial time. The traditional split of primary custody to one parent and scheduled visitation for the other is still widespread. We can make the case for primary physical custody (particularly for older children), or shared custody. If that scenario is unlikely, we will fight for the greatest amount of time with your children as the non-custodial parent.

In New Hampshire and Massachusetts, courts require mediation of disputed custody, with a guardian ad litem representing the interests of the child. We advise parents entering mediation, or we represent them in negotiations, with the goal of a mutually agreeable parenting plan. When litigation is necessary, Salem Legal Services is a proven courtroom advocate.

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Special Experience Representing GLBT Parents

Child custody is often the most divisive and hardest-fought issue in a divorce or break-up. Representation by an experienced family law attorney is critical, particularly for gay, lesbian and transgender parents. Salem Legal Services brings 16 years of experience in custody, visitation and guardianship to your case. While she serves many GLBT clients, her practice serves all parents — married or unmarried, regardless of orientation.

Custody for Gay and Lesbian Parents

In the break-up of a same-sex relationship, custody issues are resolved in probate court, as opposed to family court. Overriding factors in this process include the best interests of the child and who has been the primary caregiver. The issue may be clouded if one partner has not formally adopted the child or been established as a legal guardian. Our extensive experience in GLBT law helps clients stand up for their custodial rights.

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